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Our idea…With a twist…

I’ve been sitting here for the last 2 hours and i’ve had no ideas. and im slowly loosing the will to live. Just kidding!


I’ve been thinking about what you guys that went to the presentations said about that girl and the monsters (but we can learn from her mistakes and make them better). I like the idea of someone to interact with. Maybe if we created something like the ‘Dunny’ below (obviously design our own figures to accommodate our ideas.) The phone would be the whole figure. The stomach could hold the main display of the phone. One eye could be for video calling i.e a camera inside. The other a digital camera. The ears could be the microphone. The mouth the speakers (could mime the word of vocal songs when sync’d with the on board MP3 player). The hands or feet as buttons (sensor touch buttons). Everything would be voice activated (or the figure could project a keyboard on the ground table ect). Maybe the figure can interact with the user by pretending its talking to you, or when speaking back a text message. Linking it with  Chloe’s idea and research, maybe it could understand emotion, and vibrate when you are happy or sad, to reenact a ‘Hug’. Maybe there could be different models, like a music character, photography character, serious character (RSS feeds, News). Male or female?


Im sorry if this idea is abit far fetched, or know one actually likes the idea. Just if  Nokia already have an idea for a wrist watch concept, its going to be with us before 5 years. Its a good idea, but we can elaborate on the concept of different shape phones ect. Can i have some feedback before our meeting please, maybe text me.

**// Note, this is an example to show you guy’s. Our ones will be better. Also with a smaller head!