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The idea

I am cool with the idea of having a meeting this evening I will try and get to a computer at 8pm, however I am really worried that this idea is wrong, I understand the idea and I can see how it could cause a craze but here are my problems with it…

  • It doesn’t fit the Orange brand at all.
  • Its not technologically advanced, its just a 2006/2007 phone in a new box.
  • Its not practical to carry around.
  • It will look like a tellytubby.
  • Crazes don’t last long and are only really amongst kids.
  • Some thing similar was on Dragons Den (an mp3 player for kids) and it failed.

I cannot see this going any where and it concerns me that we are following this path, as the project leader its my job to ensure we are getting things done, and done right, and if everyone else wants to do this then I will do my best to ensure we do that, but I just wanted to express my strong concerns with this concept. I hope you guys all understand my point of view and we can discuss this tonight.