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advert idea

hi guys,

Unfortunately I never got much work done last night, only a few ideas but I managed to do some very rough sketches…
I based the idea on peoples emotions (mainly happiness) as well as fun, and connectivity to all including other people….like family and friends. Yay.

1. Everything is normal, girl sitting on park bench with Webo next to her
2. she picks it up and everything turns all colourful and happy looking…
3. she walks past a tree with leaf-shaped photos growing and she picks one
4. she looks up at the sun and the flames radiating out form letters to represent text messages and emails
5. Then a cloud comes a long and it rains music notes to symbolise mp3 Compatibility 6. Then people (friends and family) start emerging from the trees
7. Everyone is talking and happy!
8. Orange logo

The people in the advert are not animated only the surroundings….

I think there should be a voiceover, something along the lines of ….
a. what if you had a friend who you could take anywhere with you….
b. ……who shows you all your favourite pictures…
C…..plays you your favourite music…
D…lets you know when you have retrieved texts and emails…
e. …. and who always keeps you connected to your family and friends….

Something like that anyway! Let me know what you think 🙂