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I want to tell you about an app.


I recently was reading TUAW when I discovered an amazing little app by a small company called Irradiated Software.¬†The application is called Cinch, and its truly worth every penny of its measly $7 price tag. The application makes it a ‘cinch’ to resize windows on Mac OS X by simply dragging a window to the left or right of the screen it will make it fill the respective 50% of the screen, allowing you to line two windows up side by side in about 5 seconds max. Even better is the ability to fullscreen a window by dragging it to the top. The application saves all that messing about most Mac users accepted when they switched. Its been one of the few things Mac was really missing from its feature set.

Screen shot 2009-12-23 at 17.28.34

These features may sound familiar though? Thats because they are, in fact these features directly emulate the Snap feature of the newly released Windows 7, and were in fact one of the few features which I really longed for in Mac OS X. So whilst perhaps the features aren’t original the application is a great utility and no one could fault it for what it does.

A couple of small niggles though if I really did dig deep. The Aero Shake feature has not been replicated, this feature allowed you to shake the window to expose the desktop, however, I am not particularly bothered as the Cmd+F3 key does the same thing with a feature called Expos√©, and did it before Windows 7 was even a glimmer in Microsoft’s eye. The other niggle is simply that the application stutters when animating the dashed box it draws to show you how the window will be resized, this isn’t a major issue and has been reported so I hope that it will be fixed eventually, that said these niggles are not going to put me off telling everyone I know about this absolutely amazing application.

p.s. Another nice feature would be to move the MenuExtra at the top into a System Preference pane as the MenuExtra add’s little functionality that I would ever need but does clutter an already busy part of my screen.

Source: TUAW