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Amélie: Tricks

Amélie learns at a young age to play psychological tricks agains people who are mean to others, starting with her neighbour as a young girl where he caused her to believe she had caused numerous disasters including a car, plane, and train crash because she took photos with a  Kodak Instamatic camera, in turn she did the following:
  • Interfering with the neighbours TV during an important football game at the pivotal moments.
In her adult life Amélie plays psychological tricks on another neighbour for bullying his employee for being stupid, slow and like a vegetable, she begins a campaign against him:
  • Changing the neighbours slippers for a size smaller (same design).
  • Cutting the neighbours shoe laces shorter so they can’t be tied.
  • Switching the position of the foot cream and toothpaste in the neighbours bathroom.
  • Switching the door handle on one side of a door with the door knob on the other.
  • Adding salt to the neighbours drinks canister to make it taste foul.
  • Setting the alarm clock to wake up the neighbour two hours earlier.
  • Switching 60w bulbs for 40w in the room.
  • Inserting a pin in a fabric lamp cord and leaving it unplugged so as when the neighbour plugs it back in the wire explodes with sparks from the short circuit.
  • Reprogram the telephone quick dial so he calls a phycologists number.

Amélie’s tricks unlike those played by the computer in my Robot Home project have a slapstick undertone but are primarily psychological. The computer in my Robot Home project was more slapstick than psychological, and this time the interventions need to be far more designed, and considered. Additionally the automation aspect should be more centralised.

Initial ideas for a current day system include:

  • Moving the light switch to the other side of a door, or hall way, or flipping it upside down.
  • Changing the location of the bus stop to the other side of your house, left instead of right of your front door.
  • Causing a blackout only until the person gets up out of their chair during television.
  • Causing slow internet the make BBC iPlayer, YouTube buffer during your favourite show.
  • Creating TV interference which leaves the picture okay but makes the audio pop and squeal from compression artifacts.
  • Creating a positive and negative pressure in parts of the house using the AC to cause a draft to flow through the house.
  • Change the pitch of the stairs.
  • Create a annoying tapping sound by turning the tap on just a might.
  • Add dust or pollen to the atmosphere to set off allergies.
  • Change the white balance of the lighting to create a stark environment.
  • Quickly drop and raise the temperature in a room to create a chill up your spine.
  • Adjust blinds and windows to reflect the sunlight into your eyes working at your desk.