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Twitter Display V2

Unfortunately almost all the files about this model were lost however it featured 3mm thick clear acrylic, with gears which were made using the Adobe Illustrator star tool and then capping the ends with the circle tool to make them less sharp and wearing.

I do have some images from the train back from the laser cutter and they used the same flaps as the original. The biggest improvement was the use of a stepper motor (from RS), connected via a ULN2003A to an Arduino and the accuracy despite the rush job was near 100%.

I do however have some images from the files I used to plan in, the first of which is an image showing (to scale) the stepper on the right, with a gear attached to its shaft, and connected to two more gears, providing clearance of the flap even at full extension.

This image shows how the gears and the stepper relate, and the flaps at the front at full extension (left).

The side panel where the gears were kept was originally designed to be two sheets of 3mm acrylic with a 5mm piece in the middle and 3mm gears such that the middle piece was to be cut with these three circles to make a space for the gears to sit in whilst holding them in a confined space to prevent too much wobble, in the end it ended up being a complete void to avoid any problems and reduce material count.

I think this is from version one but it ended up in version two’s design files, it shows how the flap attaches into the sprocket wheels and shows a not to scale axel in the middle.

This final piece was used to measure the cap between the outer edge of the stepper hosing and the centre of the sprocket wheel axel, not sure why, presumably at the time I know how much clearance was needed to ensure the flaps didn’t hit the motor and cause a jam.

With this design I also tried using Plasticard material which is styrene sheet material however the little legs snapped off from heat stress in about 1 second, while the polypropylene sheets didn’t snap off unless forced or after 2 weeks of use, one in my degree show (v1) and one in the emerge graduate showcase (v2) where it died.