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Another email

Today I got an email I guess triggered by my last post pushing me up the Google-o-meter again? Perhaps co-incidence, each time I blog it seems to result in someone else emailing me?!?

This time more of a q&a email from someone like minded looking for help, I assure you I will be returning to my efforts this summer!

Hi there,

I came across your blog recently searching for info on Solari stuff. I’m doing a project here (New Zealand) with the Auckland City Council to install a split-flap system like this… hopefully? They’re keen and there’s some money involved but I haven’t heard anything back from Solari yet so have still been looking at other alternatives. Mine needs text, I’m planning to commission a writer to develop a speculative history about an actual train station here. It’s a very small station, but has a lot of historical baggage…

Anyway, wondering where you got to with your efforts? Did you ever get something made? Did you make it yourself? The info on your blog’s really useful, esp the link to Rebecca Baumann’s work.

Thought it was worth getting in touch,


Luke Wood