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Learning Objective-C

The first programming language I ever learn’t to write, was ASP (not ASP.net) I had learnt a bit about HTML and was confused by CSS and JavaScript, but I wanted to experiment with including headers and footers, and with the idea of a user login system. I am quite sure the first try was diabolical, it I didn’t learn about password hashing until I learn’t PHP so there is no way that the passwords were hashed and I am not sure that I even used a database.

My days of IIS and ASP are long gone, I never use a PC these days and I don’t remember anything about ASP other than <% document.write(“Hello, World!”); %> (I think?). At some point I switched to PHP and like most new PHP programmers started writing and rewriting a CMS. Time passed, and my knowlege has improved, I now know bits and pieces of: PHP, C, JavaScript, and Java.

I bought my first Mac over the phone with my dad when I was at college in about 2004. It was a 14″ iBook with a Mighty Mouse, AppleCare Protection Plan and a AirPort Express base station. I don’t remember when I first got interested in learning to program the Mac but it wasn’t long after. I bought a copy of Aaron Hillegass’s infamously brilliant “Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X” (2nd Edition) book and got started. I didn’t know C then and hadn’t really understood Object Oriented programming either. The book was an extremely hard learning curve and even with my dad’s help I didn’t make it through.

Time passed and I tried again but got stuck again and failed, time passed and I bought the latest edition (3) of Aaron’s book and tried again, got further and understood more but still got stuck. A lot of time passed and I had been tinkering with little experiment projects all along, but it wasn’t until this summer that I knew I would have time. I bought a bunch of books in preparation for the summer:

That’s a lot of book, probably about 2,000 pages of book, but I am really commited this time, I have already completed the first book (Objective-C Programming) and really feel a lot more confident having learn’t it. I also think that the time coupled with previous attempts and reading other things has helped me to whizz through that book in about 24 hours worth of reading.

I am now on chapter 5 of the next book (Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X) and things are making more sense than I remember previous attempts did. I am hopeful that I can complete this book in the next week and a half to two weeks max and start playing about with some of the APIs, sadly the More Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X book isn’t out yet so my Amazon order is still pending, according to Safari Books it isn’t going to be published until October, so that is rather unfortunate. Aaron, fancy sending me a preview?

Either way I think I will hold off the Advanced book as it goes into networking and tasking which I think might be pushing it, and besides there’s tons of WWDC videos from Apple’s Developer channel to watch and I want to spend time on my Split-flap project, and a friend has come up with an idea for using flip-dots to make a QR code clock so we are going to try to make a flip dot, and we’ve ordered some samples from a polish company called Alfa Zeta.