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External interest

It’s a funny thing that everytime I blog I get one or two people emailing for help, is it that blogging makes Google rate me higher and there are just vast swathes of people looking for someone making these split-flaps or simply coincidence, perhaps I am a fashion leader (who am I kidding?).

Anyways two companies are expressing interest in my work, neither sound like paid jobs but I guess if their experties can help me make my project a reality that would be cool…

I won’t name them this time but one is an another agency who want a reception┬ácentre┬ápiece, the other is an agency wanting to use it for an exciting client project. The latter project sounds more like it’s going somewhere as they have an actual budget for it and sound like they have experience making other cool projects too!

I am hopeful that my work might finally lead somewhere. What I often wonder is how I am going to make money in this field of work, I would love to do projects like this full time but with the benefit of an electronics engineer to speed up the projects.

If you wish to employ me please email me and that would be awesome.