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Plastics (again)

I called Vitasheet Group again and spoke to one of the staff there, she has gotten me an email address for the UK distribution manager and someone who can provide samples for checking which finish of 0.8mm black polypropylene I would like, the UK distribution manager is the previously mentioned Jed Brooks (jed.brooks@vitasheetgroup.co.uk) and the sample person is Stephanie Penin (stephanie.penin@vitasheetgroup.fr).

The person I spoke to on the phone suggested a few possible suppliers although she admitted she wasn’t involved with the PP side of things any more, all are new to my search so I will be investigating.

I will be getting in touch with these companies to see what they offer, hopefully I can get some of the G01 (smooth/smooth) finish rather than the G02 (smooth/textured) finish I have been able to find thus far.