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Now that I am not at the Royal College of Art anymore, at least until the new academic year, and with a light schedule of work until graduation next year. I am getting geared up a bit better, my house mate and his girlfriend encouraged me to bring my main computer into the living room where he has his desk, we’ve created a floatilla of jubilee proportions in desk formation.

Luke’s desk, behind mine is a long piece of discovered kitchen work surface stretched across two builders benches. My desk as shown below docks into his desk but has a bit of a raised edge that leans on his. At the left of frame is the kitchen table and that completes the flotilla. This enables me to work in an office situation away from my bedroom which is all the rage in the so-called ‘real world’ and apparently better for sleeping patterns.

With the space left over I have reinstalled my original (came with the house) desk which is basically two battens across the wall, another spare piece of kitchen work surface and a corner support post. This is strangely too high to sit at but too low to stand at, must be an Olympic standard kitchen surface? Anyway I have reinstated it to make a space for my electronic’s and projects area. I will need to get a piece of wood to protect the surface when soldering but otherwise I think it will be a good solution for theĀ foreseeableĀ future.

Note the letter ‘T’ peeking over, this is the V2 prototype that I have yet to photograph, sitting on top of the larger V3 prototype (hidden by my fancy new, second-hand Phillips analog scope).