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Today I got two sample packs, one from VitasheetGroup which had the wrong stuff in, it was two sheets of the stuff I bought from Pullengers Epsom, and two sheets of white 0.5mm PP with the G01 finish, it’s great because I have something to check the finish is right against, however it’s no good from the perspective of thickness, additionally I can’t really order it because no one sells small quantities anyway.

The other sample was from Saffron Plastics but turned out to be a plain finish i.e. no finish, which was no good and it was 1mm which just seems a bit too thick.

Stephen Webster didn’t answer my email so I called them and a nice chap gave me some quotes for what I want which is ViPrint G01 Black 0.8mm, MOQ was 1775 sheets at 880x440mm, the price per sheet was 84p which is adds up to £1,491 + VAT & Shipping, this would be about a 500 KG of material!

On the plus side he did say they have 950 sheets of ViPrint White G01 0.8mm in stock at 1100x650mm for £1 per sheet which means I can get the right material in the wrong colour and go with that. He also sent a price guide for their stocked material which is all in the infamously crap G02 finish, page from the price list is here: Price List.

I’ve emailed them to see if there is a possibility of piggy backing on another customer who does make large enough order, and about getting 5 sheets of the white as it’s a good price even if it is the wrong colour.