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What’s on my watch list…

I wanted to do a little post about what YouTube channels, and podcasts I subscribe to, and some TV shows I have been watching recently. I wanted to conclude with an interesting insight from a video interview I watched of Yuri Suzuki who said he learn’t everything he knows about electronics from a old British TV show called ‘The Secret Life of the Machines’ by Tim Hunkin. Interestingly Tim is sharing his old content freely via BitTorrent and YouTube so it will be on my list…

YouTube Channels


TV Shows

  • Doctor Who
  • Panorama (always a good one)
  • Waterloo Road
  • Casualty
  • Top Gear (when is the new series?)
  • Toughest Place to be a…

Got any suggestions? Let me know, I am always looking for interesting new stuff to have a read of.