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Bare Conductive Ink – London Design Festival: Day 1

This week is the London Design Festival and I have made plans for the whole week, there are loads of free events for the public. This evening I went along to some workshops run along side the private view of Designersblock.

The two workshops I attended this evening were Liquid Electronics by Bare Conductive and 3D Scanning by Matthew Plummer Fernandez.

Upon arrival I was distracted by another workshop which was taking place Superhero Badge Making by Lior Smith. In this workshop participants were encouraged to think of their super power, and then think of a name and design a badge. I decided my strength was programming/coding and came up with a couple  of names: codex; and binary boy.

The badge I designed with Lior featured binary in a rotated multicolour London Underground style roundel (unintentional) as it represents a number one over the top of a number zero.

On the next table Matt Johnson, Co-founder of Bare Conductive was running a badge making workshop too, the badges were made of corrugated card, and cleverly screen printed with the companies conductive ink, running across the badge is a area of no ink which separates the +ve and -ve sides. Then using a pen dispenser version of their product we glued the components in place and also completed the circuit in one action, the result is a very blinky badge!

HACK TIP: cutting the top surface with a knife on the far left by the tentacle allows the circuit to be turned off until a later date, and reconnected with more paint.