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Designerblock – London Design Festival: Day 2

Today has been a pretty crazy day, starting off with a visit to the doctor which overran, I dashed over to East London for a talk called ‘Made to Order: Systems Around Service‘ part of the TENT London / Super Brands series of Super Talks. The talk featured three designers debating the affects of customisation on society.

The talks were quite interesting, especially that of one panel member, Nick Marsh, Sidekick Studios. His company help their clients to treat projects like business startups and he showed a segment of his usual client presentation which shows the client that startups need hackers, sales men, and artists/designers – I was intrigued by this as I feel that I cross between the hacker and designer role here and it reinforced my belief that I will get a job when I graduate!

After the talk, I popped over to Old Street to meet a friend and then trekked up to London Hackspace for a bit. After this I raced across London to visit Designersblock as it had been packed last night when I visited.

I found some really interesting projects, including GLO by draigo which is a LED ring light formed of 240 LEDs threaded through recycled milk bottle tops in a wireframe form. As you can see the piece is very nice to look at and creates some interesting light patterns.

Also at the show was the piece you see at the top of this post, it is a light object called Sewell, designed by Studio Sudi. It is designed to be a cost effective alternative to traditional Chinese lanterns, these flap pack panels are assembled into the form above, and have been featured in several installations and make a were perfect for the darkened environment of this years show!

As you turn into another area there are more light objects to gaze into, unfortunately I missed the name of the project, and the designer’s name and they aren’t listed on the official website so you’ll just have to go down to the show if you are interested in these pieces.

Leaving the darker lighting themed area I discovered the results of a 24 hour design challenge by Hendzel + Hunt. The challenge stems from the Made in Peckham range of furniture and encourages sustainability, up-cycling and localism. What caught my eye on this stand was the rather eclectic mix of materials that resulted in a (presumed) working pinball table.

The final part of the show that caught my eye was on the way out, where a three way pingpong table was setup, an unusual signs for sure, but a quick ‘documentary-style’ photograph caught a serious looking smirk of a woman waiting for a friends to play with…

Designersblock is open daily from 10:00–19:00 until the 23rd September 2012, and is an annual event.