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V&A Prism – London Design Festival: Day 4

Today before work I visited the V&A to take part in a behind the scenes guided tour of a part of the V&A and an installation piece called Prism which is installed in the highest parts of the museum, something I relished as I have a massive interest in the behind the scenes, subterranean oddities of London (and cities in general).

The exhibition is part of the London Design Festival the installation is by Keiichi Matsuda, the installation features internally projected panels generated by a series of internet connected computers that react to the local environment. The panels were designed and coded by invited programmers.

Looking down from the 6th floor before we go up into the roof:

Looking up, a sneak peak of the exhibition:

Preparing for the ascent in the corner of gallery 140:

Making our way up:

The roof of the dome:

Above the dome, the Prism looks as if it is an crashed space craft in the roof of the V&A:

One of the many panels, this one showing the live energy usage of 10 downing street:

Looking down into the gallery from where I just came:

It is hard to capture the sense of the scale of this installation:

The top right corner reveals another spiral staircase that we are about to ascend:

It’s hard to believe this area has never been open to the public with spaces like these:

And views like these, Battersea Power Station just off to the left of the horizon:

The London Eye and Shard in the distance:

A peak inside the installation as we descend back into the main public area:

What a fantastic and exclusive view deep inside the V&A, it was really enjoyable and a great opportunity to feed my senses, try and get down there before it is gone forever.