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Snow Flake Decoration

Whilst sharing ideas with a friend I came up with the idea of a computer generated Christmas decoration, laser cut out of frosted clear acrylic, and designed to be illuminated by a small white LED, the design as shown above slots together, pinching the LED right in the middle, with the legs either side, a CR2032 coin cell battery sits in the plastic between the legs of the LED and the legs are pushed onto the battery by the other snow flake slotting over.

The initial design didn’t take into account the fact that the LED is 5mm wide and the plastic and therefore the slot are only 3mm wide, however I plan to buy a smaller 3mm LED to try again.

The idea came from a childhood memory of a plastic toy by a company called Galt who made multicoloured plastic octagons that slot together called Octons.

The Octon Images are copied from Stephanie Says, I hope she doesn’t mind!