Unknown Domain

Not bad for 71.42857143 pence!

I don’t think I mentioned this in my post on Designersblock but outside the exhibition were a number of stalls some were selling items, and one was offering 7 prints for £5 or £1 each, some of the pices were a bit dull, but others were really good, clearly some were prints, but one piece caught my eye…

…it turns out emailing the artist just this evening that this is a one off, original, which I suspected looking at the brush strokes that made the piece. He has offered to send me a certificate of authenticity, but told me that the actual piece was probably made at an event called Pick Me Up as Somerset House, Aldwych, London. I asked why it was produced on such a bizarre paper and he explained that it was just what was supplied.

Anyways, I think it’s a great piece to treasure and not bad for 71.42857143 pence, considering similar pieces by him sell for £45!

Thanks Ian Stevenson!