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This is my 500th blog post on this blog, so I wanted to celebrate with a look back at 5 things from the past, one for each centenary:

1: This is an image I posted to Flickr and submitted to Digg, the image has had over 61,000 hits, Ubuntu Cola, what ever next? A burger called Mac? A wall apertures called Windows?

Ubuntu coke

2: This photograph I took is my favorite, ever. It was taken by me on a day trip out to London with my Dad when I was at college studying a two year photography A level.


3: Brownies, these were some brownies I we baked during my third year of Univeristy…


4: My earliest living memory, and incidentally, one of my happiest child hood memories and the only clear memory of my Grandfather is of use walking to / or from the Science Museum, London through the underpass from South Kensington tube station. My Grandfather on my left holding my left hand, my Father on my right holding my right hand. I only remember that I was very tired from all the walking and I was very young, perhaps 4 or 5 at most. My dad remembers the day out too and says he was amazed how good I was as it was a long walk and I was very small.

Exhibition Road tunnel

5: My first blog post (that I was able to recover from the Internet Archive) from 2005 – BCOT Fashion Show

BCOT Fashion Show - Festival Place Basingstoke - Image 26