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Science Museum – Google Web Lab

In the past month I have visited the Science Museum three times, taking students and my father to see the Google Web Lab exhibit. The implementation and design of the exhibition were fantastic, however the content was very lacking, the experiments were the main focus and small video installations around the edge tried to convey the meaning of the installation. I have said this many times, but I find the content of the Science Museum shallow and lacking.

We also visited the Alan Turing installation, which featured confusing installations about programming and seemed to dwell on his sexuality like some kind of celebrity gossip magazine which providing little to no information about how his machines worked. I was stunned that myself a and my father (who is a professional programmer of probably 35 years experience) couldn’t figure out how to operate the three installations demonstrating three key principals of programming, the loop one being the most baffling.

Overall the museum was worth visiting but I don’t know why a museum of science provides such little depth and focuses on too much on kids.