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I’ve just released my 5th WordPress plugin!

I did blog about my first WordPress plugin (Broadcast MU) quite some time ago, however I quietly canned it when some other people came along with theirs. Since I have released several other small plugins, and now I am re-releasing Broadcast MU 2.0 and a new plugin, links below:

I also have written other plugins for GDNM.org, they just aren’t suitable for release, they include:

  • Workshops
    Allows staff to post a custom post type which works just like a normal post but has additional fields for staff name, location, start and end of workshop, number of places, and a custom taxonomy for which course the workshop is open to. The plugin then allows logged in users to signup up to the place limit, it also allows students to cancel up until the cutoff time to prevent last minute cancellations and emails students a confirmation message. Staff can print out a list of all the students, or compose an email to them all with one click
  • Tutorials
    Tutorials takes the Workshops plugin a stage further allowing staff to enter time ranges and tutorial lengths and have the plugin calculate timings for every workshop time inbetween, for example giving a working day of 10:30-12:00,12:00-16:30 and tutorials of 15 minutes it would offer slots at 10:30,10:45,11:00… and it allows for multiple students per slot for group tutorials.
  • Profile Fields
    Profile Fields adds additional fields during signup to require a full name, year and group to be completed which greatly improves the Workshops and Tutorials plugins which display the full name, rather than the username of their internet handle. Also by capturing a course and group (year) we can produce a directory of students.
  • Signup Code
    This plugin also adds additional an additional field in the signup screen which acts like an invite code allowing us to avoid spam while also allowing any email address to work, we keep the site spam free by only providing the invite code to students face to face.

I also have an idea for a rework on someone else’s plugin however due to the legacy of old code in the WordPress Dashboard code it isn’t currently possible:

Signup Manager (name tbc)
This plugin builds on the ideas of WPMU New Blog Defaults which allows use to set the default parameters of new blogs registered on a multisite installation. The plugin implements this feature in a more modern way and additionally allows the network administrator disable this plugin from further changes, or disable it and hide it entirely. This is useful as there are many options in Dashboard under the Settings menu like Timezone, and permalinks that you don’t want the blogger changing.