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I have been having a look at how I might create suction using motors and initially thought about using a ‘standard’ motor what ever that might be, however I soon realised that the motors inside all vacuum cleaners are specialised for their purpose.

I have found a few companies who make vacuum cleaner motors, with little actual effort:

I specifically looked at YDK vacuum cleaner motors and compiled a list of all the 240V motors and their ‘specifics’:

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 18.57.44

I discovered that the vacuum presure is measured in Pascals and that the airflow is measured in Decimetres which is essentially able to convert into litres per second. Interestingly they seem to use dm³/s which seems to be to make the numbers look bigger as dm³/s is just an order of magnitude smaller than m³/s (a decimetre is basically ⅒ of a meter or 10 centimetres).

I was quite shocked at the short life these motors have and at the rotational frequency (RPM)!

With the idea of off the shelf being important, I wonder if using a replacement part from a popular or frequently repaired vacuum might be a better way to go, rather than trying to buy from the manufacturer.