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Parts: Wheels

The subject of how to move the unit around is a difficult one, it needs to be quiet, not prone to leaving marks or collecting dirt, easy to move over many types of surface, and designed to be removed for permanent installation in smaller spaces.

With wheels

In the situation where it will have wheels it would be ideal to have four swivel wheels as these make it hyper mobile like a fighter jet, unlike a fighter jet it will not however have a flight computer to compensate for the jittery controls and may need a rubber bumper for crashes.

Castor wheels are a good fit as they come in a variety of standard sizes and usually have a flap plate fitting which would be easy to remove or replace.

The issue with wheels is that they can pickup dirt and leave marks when dragged, it would be important to ensure they didn’t have rubber trims as these are most likely to pickup dirt and leave marks.

Something made of a hard plastic would be good as even if the wheels bound up they would have very little friction over the surface. They aren’t necessarily the quietest however.

Without wheels

A solution without wheels can be fraught with problems too as the bottom surface could more easily scratch due to the focus of weight in one area, a hover craft solution like the Hoover Constellation was a classic example of this, floating just enough to lift its weight off the floor and not to much that it was free from the carpet and therefore sliding all over the place due to lack of carpet friction.

A solution with a very low centre of gravity that has a very polished base like a russian doll could work, however dragging it over the hard floors would be horrible.


Another solution to revert back to is the backpack vacuum cleaner, this solution is questionable because modern vacuum cleaners kick out a lot of heat and may be uncomfortable to wear. Equally carrying it in one hand means you cannot give the carpet a good scrub with the tools.

The solution seems to be some decent quality hard plastic swivelling (not fixed) castor wheels, the key is finding wheels that aren’t massive but clear the carpet.