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commandqToday I bought an app without even trying it when I discovered what it did!

The app is called CommandQ, it is made by ClickOnTyler a very clever indie Mac Developer.

The principal is simple, it lets you have a timer delay on quitting an application. This prevents accidentally hitting Command + Q when you meant Command + W and closing all your stuff.

I’d say more but at £3 for the whole app it’s a bargain and you should just go buy it, Tyler’s other apps are equally brilliant, although I still have issue with VirtualHostX not working, and it is the reason why I haven’t upgraded to V3.

Tyler’s technical support is brilliant however VirtualHostX just doesn’t work out of the box and so I have rather lost faith in that product and wish it worked properly.

UPDATE: It turns out that the problem I had with VirtualHostX is that I didn’t enable PHP and also that I didn’t put the sites in the Sites folder. I guess it would have helped if that was made clearer but basically I am an idiot, sorry Tyler!

The CommandQ app is simple and you cannot go wrong! The only thing would ask for is that the HUD notification you get when holding down the buttons had a slight delay before popping up so it doesn’t appear for really quick taps, and I also wish it had a progress bar that matched the HUD style similar to the iPhone progress bars, the regular Aqua bar on a black background isn’t exactly the prettiest thing ever.Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 21.32.10