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Web Hosting: A lesson in poor customer service…

Today I made an emergency web hosting move, indeed if you are reading this post it’s on the new host already…

I needed a change made to my site and felt that completing the form as requested on their website dedicated to fixing the specific issue I had would have been reasonable, however they replied with a canned response essentially saying. No, either fix it yourself (not possible) or pay us money.

Whilst people at work often remark at my patience with customers who are angry, frustrated or upset, I as a customer am not known for my patience in situations like this. I was upset at waiting what felt like two or three hours for a reply (turned out to be one hour and a half) only to get a canned email which ignored what I had actually asked.

I emailed back pretty irate with one f-bomb, it wasn’t directed at them but used to convey my frustration and annoyance, they were actually lucky, I felt quite restrained!

This is where their customer service was launched off a cliff: I got a reply within 5 minutes solving the issue, great turn up for the books, however 20-odd-minutes later another email from ‘Jeff’ entitled:

‘Please cancel your service’

… WTF?

Thats right, or who ever originally responded to the email dobbed me into the profanity police at my web host (Jeff) who took great exception to my use of ‘colourful metaphors’ as Spock put it.

Jeff was very unhappy with me:

We prefer to maintain relationships of mutual respect and cooperation and this does not appear to be a case where that will be possible.

Along that same line, I want to make sure you understand that using profanity in correspondence with us violates our Terms & Conditions of Service.  If it happens again, the decision to change hosts will no longer be yours.  I will close your membership on the spot, you will not receive a refund, and any content you host with us will be lost.

At this point the customer service bubble dial went off the deep end, I found it quite funny, however secretly I was nervous. Can they really delete my site and steal my money? I suspected they didn’t care if it was legal but they probably had some T’s & C’s to cover it.

The net result was that Jeff got his way, I am about to cancel my service, I moved hosts and I am much happier knowing that the impending doom of my last decade of blogging isn’t over my head. That if my site has issues I have some level of free support & my new host is UK based.

Don’t use a web host with no free technical support. You might be pondering why I haven’t mentioned that not swearing at people would have avoided the situation and well the issue is that whilst I did swear, it was not aimed at anyone or anything, but purely to express frustration and anger. As a customer services person I have many times had people swear in my presence and taken no issue over this, indeed it is only when worn at that I request the customer desist and no threat is made against them.

Jeff, some how I doubt we will agree.