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Argos Value Vacuum Cleaner



Today I decided to take a look inside the Argos vacuum cleaner as it will be using almost entirely off the shelf parts, rather than proprietary parts like the Dyson.

After removing a few screws I finally got to the guts and found the vacuum cleaner had a relatively small motor, it is made by a Chinese company called ‘SIP Cinderson Motor Co., LTD’ however other than a lot of online brokerage sites selling their motors they don’t appear to have a website, which is a shame, but shows they are probably just a factory rather than a larger company like the one’s we saw before in the Dyson.

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Strangely considering the cost the product actually has a variable power supply inside, there is a plastic button on the outside which you can press in to turn on and off the motor, but it also rotates to adjust the speed of the motor, or in the case of this unit, how painful the sound is to your ears.

photo 3

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 11.59.29

The dial is attached to a variable potentiometer which drives a BTA12 Triac which is the circuitry that deals with adjusting the mains voltage. There are also a couple of capacitors (yellow & green) and a couple of resistors, however the overall design of the circuit is extremely simple, I don’t know if Dave Jones would like the design much!


Overall there isn’t much to the design of this unit, and the quality of the product is pretty poor so I wouldn’t really expect it to have a long usable life, I was hoping to hack the motor from this to use in the open source vacuum cleaner but I chickened out turning it as I didn’t think I would learn much from it being on and open as the circuitry and everything else is much the same.