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Prototype analysis…

The prototype design actually worked really well and came together really well, there were issues I was aware in the design such as the nuts coming loose from vibration but the intention with that was always to glue them, however there were some other issues I will describe below:

Motor location
Issue: Motor housing is at the top making it top heavy, and difficult to empty the bin.
Solution: Move the motor to the bottom and have an external hose or channel that routes the suction the the top.

Motor housing
Issue: The motor housing isn’t safe because it could come open, and the motor housing isn’t strong enough to allow insertion of power cord.
Solution: Investigate alternative materials or solutions to housing the motor and power connections.

Threaded rods jamming on plywood
Plywood layers jam up against the thread on the threaded rod.
Solution: Make the holes larger to allow more room for manoeuvre.

Plywood layers mark on impact
Issue: If plywood layers impact a wall or other object they leave a black mark and dent.
Solution: Sand off laser cutter charring to leave a clean finish that won’t mark and investigate using rubber bumpers along the perimeter edge of the plywood layers, consider making the internal layers slightly smaller to allow top and bottom layers to bump.