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Which motor?


Today I finally got somewhere with eSpares regarding which motor unit is likely to last the ages and be available.

I spoke to several people and eventually they determined a Dyson would be best for similar reasons as I had already thought, because Dyson produce one model with many variations each year, while others produce loads of different variations of different models each which are different, also the suggested motor also used in a quite old model and a more recent one, now it’s unlikely that Dyson are going to go back to this in future as they have their fancy digital motor but they are not likely to discontinue it soon, and if they do, similar Dyson motors are available and it was originally made by a third party (YDK) so it is likely to be available else where or as a clone.

The motor is from the Dyson DC07 and Dyson DC14, the YDK YV-2200, eSpares number: ES966646 however it’s not cheap at £42.99 so I am hoping Dyson who previously sent me a vacuum cleaner will be able to help me out there!