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Hoses & cuffs


Following a tutorial earlier this week with my personal tutor I am investigating alternatives to making my own hose and tool assemblies. His suggestion was that I shouldn’t stop at using just the replacement kit I bought from eSpares for Numatic (Henry) vacuum cleaners.

Personally I feel this product is the right solution as it ticks the boxes best in terms of being readily available, fairly generic and standardised and likely to be available for a long time as it fits most of their consumer products to date, it is also cheap because of this, and the off brand clone I bought is great quality. My tutor feels aesthetically it doesn’t match the standards of the rest of the unit and it doesn’t full fill the needs of users abroad who might not be able to obtain this product.

Either way I am going to prototype this, however will stop short of making my own tools as these are complex mechanisms and there is nothing to be gained from trying to make my own. I have previously stated a possible area for innovation by others would be to design new types of tools and share them back to the community, for different purposes from specific cleaning tasks to tools for workshop equipment like bandsaws, etc…

The standard hose used on most vacuum cleaners is either 32mm (1.25″) or 38mm (1.5″), some have less common dimensions. Based on this there is a decision to be made between the two, and realistically this could go either way when building your own vacuum cleaner.

The 32mm option seems the most likely candidate at first because it matches the setup I already have, it’s seemingly more common than the 38mm option, and the hose is smaller so therefore cheaper and lighter, it also matches the UK standard size for plumbing which would be a benefit.

The 38mm option however is less likely to clog from large debris and does still fit many tools, the pivotal point however on this option is that its the same type used in swimming pool cleaners which tend to be less proprietary about their spare parts which means buying odd parts like hose cuffs (ends) is relatively easy on sites such as eBay, because of this I am going to go down the route of using a 38mm hose, cuffs, and connectors, however I will be trying to use a 32mm pipe for the tools and pipes which means I will need to find a way to step down and maintain air pressure. This seems like the best hybrid, 38mm isn’t far off the 40mm standard used in UK plumbing, and in the USA is equivalent to a 1.5″ waste pipe.