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Open Source Vacuum Cleaner #2



The above is the (slightly broken) results of the second prototype. The purpose of this prototype was to build a functional version, and to experiment with having another person build the device to figure out how to enable someone to build there own.

The Vacuum Cleaner was also an experiement in a couple of other different ways…

1. The Vacuum Cleaner was built out of parts predomenantly from B&Q which was a test to see how feasible (and expensive) this might be.

2. The distance to Vacuum Cleaner experiment. The idea here was to test how far I would have to travel to build a vacuum cleaner. Even in the country side, we managed it within 15 miles radius.

3. How long would it take to build an Vacuum Cleaner: 1 week

The entire build of this Vacuum Cleaner from store to end was about cobbling something together with the principals I defined to someone who had not a clue about how a Vacuum Cleaner actually works.

The result as you can see is a quirky and yet fully functional and powerful Vacuum Cleaner. The  hardest parts to obtain are the motor, hose and tools. These problems are easily negated by hacking an older unit, or ordering from a spare parts supplier.

So what’s next?
The working prototype is great, however I would like to produce one more vacuum cleaner that has the nice, aesthetic finish, and if not actually working could theoretically work.

This design needs to have the beauty of a piece of furniture, something like an Eames classic is my current thought, I am looking for help with this as I am not a product designer, if any of you could help me at all it would be appreciated, there are only a couple more weeks left until the project concludes however.