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Recently I have been working on project to create an interactive plinth which displays student work on the screen of a computer when you scan the relevant QR Code, you can then navigate through the work using a slider at the front.


The project used a number of pieces of bespoke software, and we had to solve many problems. Not least the biggest of all. Trying to figure out how to print 250 business cards for each student, cheaply, quickly, and at a reasonable price that we could still afford the Private View drinks was difficult. I called all of the regulars, Moo, Printed.com, Stress Free Print and others, but they kept coming back with quotes over £1,000.00!


One company, came back with a crazy price which was so hard to believe that I had to call them and ask, three times, before I was convinced! Well under £300 for 10,0000 business cards, without any special offers applied, astonishing!


Despite some initial miscommunication everything went smoothly, they even delivered extra cards to ensure there weren't any damaged by the guillotine. They were also boxed in packs of about 100-150 and shipped rapidly to our post room.


The cards were designed in InDesign and utilised the QR Code plugin by Jongware on the Adobe Community. Then we had to find a way to display them, so we laser cut 40 trays which slotted into a specially laser cut light box which gave a real glowing feeling to the event, excuse the pun!


Images thanks to Rose Thomas and Kitty Wong.