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Update: Myron Lo

Today I got in touch with Myron Lo, the person involved in building the DIY flip display I wrote about previously, and they are apparently building this as part of a performance with the intention to share the designs later, there is more information on their Indiegogo page where they are seeking $10,000 to put their performance together.

The Indiegogo campaign has some great rewards, I've backed and hope you will also. Keen to see how they solved some of the problems, Myron said they'd read a lot on my website but hadn't had the time to contact me yet.

Very excited, and super keen to start working on this PCB that will have the RS-485 converter, the Arduino board and the stepper driver and sensor sockets on it, this will be the motherboard of each unit and allow them to be daisy chained without the hassle that Myron has had with I2C wires everywhere.