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Jack Spade


After years of on/off work on my split-flap display project, it has finally come to a point where it can be tested, extensively, with the right client, one that embraces the inherent flaws in a mechanical analogue system like a split-flap display.

The project came about after the folks at The Mobile Studio entered the annual RIBA Regent Street Windows Project and after a selection process Jack Spade choose their entry, leaving them with the challenge of manufacturing the installation. It was about this time they brought me in to work on the split-flap display. As one of the few people to have tried building them in recent years, and being located in London I was able to meet with them, finish a final prototype and quote them for building 12 units (10 for the installation).

The schedule was tight however we ended up being ready in plenty of time, the installation included a number of other elements that all came together on August 31st 2014 during an overnight installation. While there have been a few tweaks necessary they work very well, and produce a really satisfying effect.

The installation can be seen for the whole of September at the Jack Space, Brewer Street store and there is a behind the scenes video below...

Image: Agnese Sanvito