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Snow Flake Decoration

Whilst sharing ideas with a friend I came up with the idea of a computer generated Christmas decoration, laser cut out of frosted clear acrylic, and designed to be illuminated by a small white LED, the design as shown above slots together, pinching the LED right in the middle, with the legs either side, a CR2032 coin cell battery sits in the plastic between the legs of the LED and the legs are pushed onto the battery by the other snow flake slotting over.

The initial design didn’t take into account the fact that the LED is 5mm wide and the plastic and therefore the slot are only 3mm wide, however I plan to buy a smaller 3mm LED to try again.

The idea came from a childhood memory of a plastic toy by a company called Galt who made multicoloured plastic octagons that slot together called Octons.

The Octon Images are copied from Stephanie Says, I hope she doesn’t mind!

Webo Model.


The Final WEBO Family?!

Hey guys, can i have some feedback please, I’ve emailed everyone the files also for components towards posters ect..


orange network hub

advert idea

hi guys,

Unfortunately I never got much work done last night, only a few ideas but I managed to do some very rough sketches…
I based the idea on peoples emotions (mainly happiness) as well as fun, and connectivity to all including other people….like family and friends. Yay.

1. Everything is normal, girl sitting on park bench with Webo next to her
2. she picks it up and everything turns all colourful and happy looking…
3. she walks past a tree with leaf-shaped photos growing and she picks one
4. she looks up at the sun and the flames radiating out form letters to represent text messages and emails
5. Then a cloud comes a long and it rains music notes to symbolise mp3 Compatibility 6. Then people (friends and family) start emerging from the trees
7. Everyone is talking and happy!
8. Orange logo

The people in the advert are not animated only the surroundings….

I think there should be a voiceover, something along the lines of ….
a. what if you had a friend who you could take anywhere with you….
b. ……who shows you all your favourite pictures…
C…..plays you your favourite music…
D…lets you know when you have retrieved texts and emails…
e. …. and who always keeps you connected to your family and friends….

Something like that anyway! Let me know what you think 🙂


designs and ideas

Hi everyone hope you had a happy new year! i have a few design/ ideas….I’m not sure whether you have finalised any designs yet but I’ll post them up anyway! I would just like to mention I really like the funkeys…..i love the broadness of personalities and designs, it really makes each character individual. My design is a bit more restricted so I’ll probably post some more ideas later! I have a design for the hub and wrist strap, and I also have a list of names I found for the hub mainly. If all of these things have been decided already please let me know! 🙂



Here’s An Idea…


Our idea…With a twist…

I’ve been sitting here for the last 2 hours and i’ve had no ideas. and im slowly loosing the will to live. Just kidding!


I’ve been thinking about what you guys that went to the presentations said about that girl and the monsters (but we can learn from her mistakes and make them better). I like the idea of someone to interact with. Maybe if we created something like the ‘Dunny’ below (obviously design our own figures to accommodate our ideas.) The phone would be the whole figure. The stomach could hold the main display of the phone. One eye could be for video calling i.e a camera inside. The other a digital camera. The ears could be the microphone. The mouth the speakers (could mime the word of vocal songs when sync’d with the on board MP3 player). The hands or feet as buttons (sensor touch buttons). Everything would be voice activated (or the figure could project a keyboard on the ground table ect). Maybe the figure can interact with the user by pretending its talking to you, or when speaking back a text message. Linking it with  Chloe’s idea and research, maybe it could understand emotion, and vibrate when you are happy or sad, to reenact a ‘Hug’. Maybe there could be different models, like a music character, photography character, serious character (RSS feeds, News). Male or female?


Im sorry if this idea is abit far fetched, or know one actually likes the idea. Just if  Nokia already have an idea for a wrist watch concept, its going to be with us before 5 years. Its a good idea, but we can elaborate on the concept of different shape phones ect. Can i have some feedback before our meeting please, maybe text me.

**// Note, this is an example to show you guy’s. Our ones will be better. Also with a smaller head!

Build Your Own…

For the benefit of Albert. Heres a small brain storming session we had in the lecture today to start our ideas flowing. Starting with the theme ‘build your own’ we decided to think of things we’d like to customize in our lives.



Swiss Army Phone


Chocolate Bar




Phone Fascia



Computer Operating System







Communication Device