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Found images…

Today I tried out an application called Lost Photos which is free today only, it retrieves images from your email account that you may have lost.

I thought I would have a go at it and it found 2,500 photos! Rummaging through them many I have already posted up here, however I found the first set of images I was ever sent of a real unit, from a member of staff at Network Rail, Tom Chaffin, for some reason I wrote about my email to him, however never posted the images…


In an effort to remove my dependency on WordPress Multisite I am consolidating all my sub blogs from uni into this blog, they can be found as categories.

Final Post: An interesting RCA Design Interactions project…



Adventures In API 1/5

Adventures In API 2/5

Adventures In API 3/5

Adventures In API 4/5

Adventures In API 5/5


Visit to Charring Cross

After the advice I got the other day from a guy at Waterloo I decided to take a detour to Charring Cross station on my way home from work, it proved to be a bit late to get anything from them but contrary to what they said at Waterloo there are no Solari displays stored at the station to his knowledge, he gave me the card of the Duty Station Manager who I have emailed but he will be away until the end of this project, but for my own personal interest I wanted to get in contact with him so I am currently waiting for his reply.

Visit to Waterloo

Today after the site visit for the GDNM end of year show I went via Waterloo to get home, rather than just sit for 30 minutes doing nothing, I went and found a member of staff who directed my question the the Station Reception where a helpful member of staff informed me that the Solari displays which were taken down were disposed of as he was working when they were sitting in the skip outside the station. He did recall some members of staff taking their home station’s flap with them but nothing was kept due to space constraints.

The time was not of waste as he suggested that I go to Charring Cross and ask there as they keep stuff like that in a mini museum of stuff they have, so when I am next in London I will check that out.

Colorised cutting template…


Laser cutting
















Finalised character set for Twitter….

I am off to Farnham tomorrow to use the laser cutter, and with any luck will have my mechanical parts, the parts which should assemble into a 52 character set of letters…

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 £?!@/:.,#$()'” (the final character will be a special one, either blank or a white card).