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Hub and Wrist sketches

The Hub….
A- The Top: There is a dip in the middle. The screen is in the middle, with the buttons and cursor around the outside.
C- The side: on/off switch and hold.
The whole thing illuminates colours (like a mood change light) when searching/ connecting to devices or running out of battery etc….

The Band….

I thought we had this pretty much figured out so I just tried a different shape


Hub names

Here is a list of crazy names…..

Icho – hero of the canary islands who led people to their homeland
Aio – sorcerer who can communicate with gods
Aion – time personified
Tork -hideous mountain god
Torx – demon who stirs up trouble
Webo – a being who leads souls to heaven
Wio – war god
Xipe – Aztec god
Retho – giant destroyed by King Arthur
Neas – ?
Nebo – ?
Nyx – ?
Malli – only female jina?!
More crazy names made from the letters from words like communication, repeat, connection, network, ports, data, convergence etc……..






Hey all, saw that you needed a reminder of what we need to produce…


Everyone needs for Friday…


A name for each device (hub, teddy, and wrist-strap)



Create the teddy as a physical object for us to see.



Create the Wrist strap as a physical object for us to see, and work on presentation.



Create the hub as a physical object.


Sarah, Albert and Chloe…

Work on the (Print/Internet Ads with Chloe as leader) and one story boarded idea for the advert.


Sorry this info is up late, I hope we can all get this done, we are really pushing it now to get this all done… See you all on Friday at 1.30pm outside H&M like before.



Idea’s and UB Funkeys


Here are some the designs I have come up with for the teddy… I was thinking the simpler the better. The screen could be built into the main body, where the information would be displayed. I was also thinking how the interface could be changed by the user, making it more personal to them.

Just doing some research and came across these UB Funkeys. Think you should check them out as they are useful for the teddy designs and they are used to create a virtual world… more>>

Our tasks.

I didn’t take notes at the meeting last Friday. Just wondered what our tasks were to be done for this weeks meeting on fri.

Newyears arriving and the meeting

I was working till 10pm on that sunday and got home at 10:30, sorry if i did not recieve the infomation but i’ll update myself.


Just popping in to wish you all a very “Merry Christmas” and hope that we have all been good. With any luck Santa gives us nice presents this year! Enjoy the festive season guys!

Missing the meeting

Easy everyone. I’m really sorry about missing the meeting, i just didn’t realise it was on and had already made plans (my stupid anger and smashing up my fone!). I shoud have checked the blog but have just been really busy at the moment. It won’t happen again, if theres anything in particular you need me to do just let me know. Once again i’m really sorry…

Important please read!

At the 9:30 meeting this evening we decided it was getting to the stage where we could not put off making a decision on what idea to go with so we have merged them all.There are as I see it a few ideas…

  • Teddy thing
  • Wrist band
  • Hub which interacts with every thing
  • Fast internet
  • Etc…

The idea is to merge these producing a media hub with wrist band interfact, the hub will be a small device with a basic interface for configuration, the wrist band will interface with this wirelessly giving internet access, etc… the optional teddy thing will dock with the hub to create a more personal and friendly interface. The fast internet etc… will be incorportated into the hub. We need to now choose a name, for Friday 28th December 2007 I would like every one to…

  • Submit a list of possible names (just a few)
  • Complete a visualization of the three main devices (The hub, Wristband, and the Teddy)
  • Possible ideas to integrate with the hub, for example fast internet, or Skype, email, security.

These should all be posted on the blog by the evening so we can look at them. We are trying to arange a post-christmas meeting, me and Jay are meeting up in London at 12 o’clock-ish on Friday to discuss the ideas then after that we will meet up on Skype to discuss what everyone has submitted, if your not coming please let me know.  In the friday meeting we will discuss ideas for what we are producing. These ideas shall be finalized and then we will begin giving out jobs, I will try and note down every thing important, but for those who have missed the last few meetings, its important you try to attend other wise you are going to struggle as you will not have any idea what we are doing.Sorry to ruin the christmas cheer, and I hope you all have a wonderful christmas and I hope to see you all on Friday, at the Starbucks in Leicester Square, London at 12:30.